2nd Global Forum on Cancer Therapy and Research spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Idania Gonzalez-Perez

National Institute of Oncology, Cuba

  • Title Of Presentation : Normalized serum EGF levels as a potential biomarker in non-small cell lung cancer: the role of platelets

Idania González Pérez completed her BSc in Physics from the Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, Russia (1985-1990). She is Master of Science in Physics and Mathematics from Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, Russia. She is a Senior Researcher at the Center of Molecular Immunology in Havana, Systems Biology Department and Associate professor at the University School of Medicine in Havana "Victoria de Giron".  She has published more than 20 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as Reviewer or occasional reviewer in journals as Medical Science Monitor, Journal of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy, International Blood Research & Reviewers, and Biosciences, Biotechnology Research Asia. 

2nd Global Forum on Cancer Therapy and Research spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Urszula Wojda

Nencki Institute , Poland

  • Title Of Presentation : Development of therapy for leukemia: focus on new derivatives of dicarboximides

Urszula Wojda is a Full Professor of Biological Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Preclinical Testing of Higher Standard at the Nencki Institute in Warsaw. Her research is focused on molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration and cancer. She has completed her PhD from the Nencki Institute and conducted research at the Pasteur Institute in France and at the National Institutes of Health, USA (postdoctoral training). She has published more than 45 papers in reputed journals. She serves as Polish expert at the Management Board of the EU Joint Programming for Neurodegenerative Diseases (JPND) and as a member of several international editorial boards

2nd Global Forum on Cancer Therapy and Research spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Wei Jin

Fudan University, China

  • Title Of Presentation : Downregulation of FOXP 1 promotes breast cancer metastasis by targeting S100A4/JAK/STAT 3 signaling pathway

Professor Wei Jin has his expertise in studying breast cancer metastasis. His researches focus on two aspects. One is the discovery of novel oncogenes and suppressor genes contributed to development and progression in mitochondrion. The other one is the epigenetic regulation of metastasis genes in breast cancer such as transfactor. In this study, he provided an insight into different roles of FOXP1 variants on regulating breast cancer metastasis.     

2nd Global Forum on Cancer Therapy and Research spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Barbara Emma Sanchez Rinza

Benemerita University , Mexico

  • Title Of Presentation : System for assessing bone degradation by means of an x-ray

Bárbara Emma Sánchez Rinza Bachelor in physics graduated from the BUAP, master of science, doctorate in science, specialty in optics graduated from INAOE, I have written 57 national and international book chapters, 57 articles in national and international journals, 168 extensive memoirs, In different national and foreign forums, I have directed 36 bachelor's theses and 8 master's theses and one doctoral thesis.

2nd Global Forum on Cancer Therapy and Research spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Rodolfo E. Avila

National University of Cordoba, Argentina.

  • Title Of Presentation : The extracellular matrix and the myopepithelial component of the epithelial tumors of human salivary glands: Structural, histochemical and immunohistochemical study

Dr. Rodolfo Avila has experience on the behavior of the stroma and the myoepithelial component of the benign and malignant salivary tumors of the human salivary glands through the use of histological, histochemical, lectin histochemical and immunohistochemical techniques. These studies allow to contribute new knowledge about the biological behavior of these pathologies and prognostic indicators such as the tumor stage, the histological subtype and the degree of malignancy. It proposes the dissemination of the digital media library through the use of internet as a universal and common means of communication in continuing medical education. Uses a digital media library of images of the salivary gland tumor morphology obtained in his histopathology laboratory from the development of research projects subsidized by the Secretary of Science and Technology of the National University of Cordoba of Argentina (SECyT-UNC).

2nd Global Forum on Cancer Therapy and Research spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Yang Xueli

Fudan University, China

  • Title Of Presentation : High-throughput functional identification of p53 mutations in a mouse model of mammary tumor metastasis

Xueli Yang is committed to studying the effects of genetic mutations on breast cancer metastasis. In this study, she first discovered several non-hotspot p53 mutations which have important effects on tumor metastasis. This finding provides a basis for individualized treatment of breast cancer patients. 

2nd Global Forum on Cancer Therapy and Research spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Yang Zhao

Fudan University, China

  • Title Of Presentation : Loss of NSrp70 promotes metastasis of breast cancer by activating TGF- β signaling

Yang Zhao has passion in improving the health of the breast cancer patients. Her research showed a new mechanism of breast cancer. The exploration of this research may serve a new biomarker of prognosis and the response to anti-tumor therapeutics for patients with breast cancer

2nd Global Forum on Cancer Therapy and Research spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Hai Yun Zhao

Fudan University, China

  • Title Of Presentation : The screening and functional study of novel subunits in BRCA1-A complex

Hai Yun Zhao is a master student of Fudan University. She has grasped some basic biological experiments and had a little  thoughts of cancer research after the study in Shanghai cancer center. She utilized the combination of tandem affinity immune precipitation and protein mass spectrometry to find the potential associated protein. And she explored the library screening to identify the biological function. Her work has some degree of originality and innovation, which can facilitate the process of basic research in breast cancer.  

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