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Nuclear medicine is major aspect for the treating of diseases through radiation; it involves application of radioactive substance treatment. Nuclear medicine it means radiology done inside of the body through emitting of radiation with in the body and generated in the source of rays like x-rays, UV rays etc. In nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals are intended internally i.e. orally or intravenously. The external detectors will form the images by the emitting radiation of radiopharmaceuticals. It is done to destruction or killing the cancer cells for more growing and division. It is a localized treatment, which effects the part of the body to which radiation is done, with cancer cells, it can also damage some healthy cells, but they have the scope to repair themselves. 

Nuclear medicine is a medical imaging by small particles of radioactive pharmaceuticals which will form the image of inside of the body, which is useful for diagnosis and severity of the particular diseases like endocrine, heart disorders, neurological disorders and other abnormalities within the body. Because nuclear medicine procedures are able to imaging minute particles in the body. They attempt the potential to determine disease in its earliest stages as well as a patient’s fast response to therapeutic medications. 


In 2018, may be the nuclear medicine will be the best platform for all the radiologists, oncologists, research scholars, students. This researcher’s effort to find an alternative for invasive imaging technique against diseases like cancer, heart diseases, respiratory disorders, thyroid and neuroblastoma.


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