Living with and beyond cancer: physical, psychological and social impacts and their management conferences

Cancer can be treated by chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, targeted therapy and hormonal therapy, the choice of therapy depends on tumor located and grade of stages of the disease and as general state of the patient, now a day in 5 in 10 people are suffering with cancer at same point in their lifetime. Complete removal of the cancer from the whole body is the major goal of treatment and it is common goal in practice.

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Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, and it is responsible for estimated 10 million people deaths in 2018. Overall, about 3 in 7 deaths are due to cancer. Around one third of deaths from cancer are due to the 5 leading observable and dietary liability: high body mass index, lack of physical activity, tobacco use, low fruit and vegetable intake, and alcohol use. Cancer causing infections like hepatitis and human papilloma virus (HPV) are responsibility for up to 25-30% of cancer cases in low- and middle-income countries. Nearly 70-75% of deaths from cancer occur in low- and middle-income countries. Late-stage presentation and unattainable diagnosis and treatment are common. In 2017, only 25-30% of low-income countries reported obtain pathology services generally available in the public sector. More than 85% of high-income countries reported treatment services are available compared to less than 35% of low-income countries. The economic impact of cancer is important and is increasing. The total economic cost of cancer in 2017 was estimated at nearly US $ 7.36 trillion. Approximately 70-80% of deaths from cancer occur in low- and middle-income countries. The recent improvement in the cancer treatments & cancer care is accelerating. A cluster of innovative treatments, often connected with other new or extant medicines, and regularly associated with biomarkers, are developing from the research and development pipeline. Over the past five years, 70-75 new cancer treatments have been started and are being used to treat over 20-25 different types of tumors. The global cancer biomarker market size was worth at USD 11 billion in the year 2017 and is estimated to reach a value of USD 35.7 billion by 2025, growing with CAGR of 16%.


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